KJTS Group Announced Two New Joint Ventures

KJTS Group Announced Two New Joint Ventures

In line with KJTS Group’s expansion strategies, KJTS Group announces the signing of two new joint ventures with ETC Cleaning Sdn. Bhd. and Aunoa Solutions to further consolidate the group facilities management and IoT building management offerings. This will allow KJTS Group to accelerate growth and extend its services to even more industries and sectors.

KJTS Group has adopted a strategy aiming to offer our clients the possibility of achieving guaranteed saving for their businesses’ energy and facilities management. Furthermore, KJTS Group also embraces technology advancement to provide more effective cost and performance management to our clients. Therefore, these two new joint ventures are highly value-creating transactions and are perfectly in line with the Group’s objectives and strategy.

ETC (Excellent Technical Consultant) Cleaning Services is a professional soft services provider in Malaysia. Set up to provide different experiences to the cleaning industries. ETC carries a strong reputation in the cleaning industries in Malaysia and had successfully provided excellent services to all the clientele. 

Aunoa Solutions is a technology solution expert that has 25+ years of experience in engineering services, strong technical know-how and domain expertise.

KJTS group is embarking on a journey with these new joint ventures which further strengthens the group core competency to deliver the key goal of providing more holistic and competitive offerings to our clients. KJTS as a group is excited to engage reforms from new perspectives, challenging the industry and its status quo. The group will continue its effort to deliver energy-focused, technical management services with long-term, reliable, and guaranteed performance-based solutions that bridge divides across borders and cultures.